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This is the place where I have shared my journey and where some of you have watched a transformation take place.  God continues to work on my heart and I am excited for the things He is working in the unseen. 

The story behind "Walk Elevated" stems from my life in the trenches of motherhood and navigating our daughter's short life here on earth.  This is a way for me to honor my daughter and my God - my way of breathing into the fire my little firecracker started the day she was born and the day I was born again.  May your cup be filled.

Elevate 23

Elevate 23 promotes an authentic lifestyle of sisterhood in rural Sublette County.

Bondurant is a unique place where we all adapt to our surroundings.  The women of Bondurant are characterized as strong, resilient, loyal, kind and adventurous. 

As women in this community, it is important for us to connect, support one another, and enjoy each other's stories and lifestyles.  Check out the planned events!


Tessa's Triumph Booklet Now Available!

Get your very own copy of Tessa's Triumph today!  From Tessa's birth in August 2014 to the day she embraced Jesus in February 2018, this booklet shares Tessa's journey.  May your cup be filled.

Check out the latest from the Bruised Reed Blog!

Its amazing the things God shares with us when we press in to know Him...when we get above the static of today's madness and hear clearly from the Lord.  May the journal entries here bless you.

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I read your blog post today…yes, it brought me to tears! Very powerful witness to the greatness and grace of our Lord! Thanks very much for sharing this with us!


“The more we tether ourselves to the Word, the harder it is to walk apart from it.  The gaze of our soul turns upward.  You begin to be lifted higher, above your circumstances, in which your old self has led you. 

When you face towards the Son, you begin to walk elevated, high and lifted up...you are uniquely positioned as a child of the King!  An heir with Christ!

Start a new life today.  Walk Elevated.”

Shari Meeks, Founder

Inquire below for more information about our story, to inquire about Tessa's Triumph, or to get involved with local women's gatherings!

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