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Elevate 23

Promoting an authentic lifestyle of sisterhood in rural Sublette County.

We promote community and fellowship and are looking for those who want to "do life" together. 

Bondurant is a unique place where we all adapt to our surroundings.  The women of Bondurant are characterized as strong, resilient, loyal, kind and adventurous. 

As women in this community, it is important for us to connect, support one another, and enjoy each other's stories and lifestyles.  Mark your calendars, ladies!  Stay tuned for opportunities of fellowship, inspiration, empowerment, encouragement and adventure that await us!


If you would like to host an activity or have ideas for different activities please reach out by calling Shari at 307-413-7645.  I am happy to put your activity on the calendar.  This isn't about me, its about community!!


Gather Together

Call or Text 307-413-7645.  Please include your name upon registration.  Feel free to register a friend as well!

10:00 AM - Noon

Wednesday, January 1

Snowshoe Hike

Take a snowshoe journey in Bondurant.  This snowshoe hike has light to moderate slopes.  This hike is suitable for all abilities.

Location:  Meet at Clark's Draw

(The Green Box)

10:00 AM - Noon

Saturday, February 1

Cross Country Ski

Cross Country Ski up N. Fisherman Road.  The road has a slight incline and is great for any beginning cross country skier! 

Location:  Meet at the parking area at the intersection of N. Fisherman and HWY 191.

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, March 7

Get into Granite!

Pick your poison- cross country ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile.  We will meet you at Granite Hot Springs for a soak at Noon!

Location:  Plan to meet at Granite Hot Springs at NOON. 

**RSVP strongly encouraged for coordination purposes! 

Grow Together

Personal growth is a value of many women in our community.  Check back frequently as study offerings will be posted here.

Please use the "Enroll Now" button to sign up.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Shari at 307-413-7645.

Register Today!

IF: Gathering Pinedale, WY

February 7 & 8, 2020

IF:Pinedale 2020 is a two day event where women from Pinedale and near by towns will come together and watch IF:Gathering 2020 LIVE! This year, the theme for IF:Gathering 2020 is "Jesus."

Study Together - Starting January 7, 2020

Blessed Families by Robert Morris

Every person comes from a broken family. The spiritual genetic tendencies from Adam and Eve have been passed down to us through the curse of the fall. But Jesus came to redeem us from the curse! Through Him, every family can find redemption and discover that:

  • Marriage represents God on earth.

  • Believers are adopted into God's family.

  • Parenting requires training, teaching, and trust.

No matter if you have children or not, you are still part of a family.  This 4-week study is guaranteed to strengthen you as a family member.  All ladies welcome!

Cost: $20.00

Enroll by December 10 to ensure all materials are received by the start date.